(american) poor, take two.

Never say that I’m not looking out for your attention span in regards to my post length.

Last Saturday we ended up taking the kids to the doctor since they both had pink eye in both eyes.  Once there, we discovered that not only was there four conjunctivitised eyes, but there were four infected ears as well.  Brian also had a throat full of pustules – which explains why he’s had this super annoying cough for a few weeks.  They both get antibiotic eye drops for the pink eye and antibiotics for the ears/throat.  Brian’s done fine.  Liam?  [just imagine you’re listening to Portal’s ending credits song]

He started getting these vaguely eczema starter looking bumps on his legs, which spread to most of his legs with little bits all over the rest of him.  Tried treating it with eczema cream, no luck.  I knew he was reacting to the medicine, and ended up calling the doctor.  Stopped the medicine, did twenty four hours of Benedryl, tried the medicine again.  More rash.

Let’s just go ahead and list Liam’s current allergies:
Food:  Peanut, Egg, Milk (Cow’s, Casein), Soy.     Drug:  Penicillin and Cephalosporin classes.

Luckily his ears have cleared up enough to the point that they don’t need to be treated medically.  We’re now currently waiting on him to get one more ear infection before the insurance company will pay for tubes in both ears.  The doctor said that he fully expects that by the end of the summer he’ll have them.  (Once the last three visits that Liam has had during the last three or four weeks are processed, we’ll have between three and four hundred dollars left on the deductible.  At least we might be able to afford the copay for the surgery?)  There’s also only two more classes of antibiotics that he said they could use to treat him with.  I’m all for preventing any further resistance buildup.

I plan to mention to his allergist at his next appointment (in June) that his pediatrician is interested in getting a serum test to see if he’s actually allergic to Penicillin, or if it’s something else going on – like the preservative in the liquid version, or the dye used, etc.  It’d be nice if we could still have the chewable/tablets as an treatment option.

Oh, and he’s got allergies.  Like, seasonal/environmental.  Go figure, right?


No good post is complete without a couple pictures.  Have at it.

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  1. My girlfriend has some bad allergies and I’ve been doing some research about it. Thanks for putting this article together and sharing it with us.

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